Saturday, April 30, 2011

All White Everything..kinda lol

It's Spring!!!

Vest - H&M
Jeans- AmericanEagle
Shirt - Forever21
Shoes - ALDO
Necklace - Juicy

and on my finger nails I have Essie St. Lucia Lilac


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Review: Grotesque

I wanted to do a review on this book because it has been my favorite out of all of my books. It's by Natsuo Kirino and it was translated from Japanese to English. It's about two sisters who are mixed with Japanese and white, (I want to say American but I can't remember if it was German lol, sorry, it's been a while). They live in Japan and since they looked different than the majority of the people there, they always got a lot of attention. The younger sister is considered most stunning out of the two with her looks and she seemed pleasant to people who were around her. It seemed that she got more attention from people including her mom and the older sister resented her for these reasons. She thought that her younger sister was stupid and spoiled and had a very simple life (how most people would think of the "pretty people"). She was wrong and her younger sister had a very different life that would surprise many people and also had an odd mentality. 
             This book would be a good read for anyone who has a sister but I recommend everyone to read it. It has a great story and is really heart felt. It is also one of those books that follows a few of it's characters' lives and thoughts but it switches between the different people very well and it is never confusing. It also gives you an insight to what I may call an unknown lifestyle in Japan. I guess I'll put a warning that sex, prostitution and murder are involved in this book. I also think the author is great and I plan on picking up her other books as well right when this semester is over. And if you have read and like any of Ellen Hopkins books, you will love this one. :)

Las Vegas

So my 4 gfs including one of my mains, Jackie, and I are going to Las Vegas this June for round numero dos!!! HAHA we all had a good and ... interesting time last year and this time we're guna be all the way turnt up lol. So that leaves a little less than 2 months to get Vegas Ready.

The Diet:
Breakfast- 2 egg whites, almonds & water
Lunch- 4 oz. of grilled chicken or talapia, steamed veggies, almonds & water
Dinner- 4 oz. of grilled chicken or talapia, steamed veggies, almonds & water
     seasonings are limited to only pepper and lemon which sucks for me because I love sugar, salt butter and hot sauce haha.

FYI: I am going by this diet but obviously it's boring so even though fruit DOES have sugar in it, I tend to put in an apple, some strawberries or some pineapple into the mix once a week. :).

Fitness: cardio & weights 4 days a week with upper body and lower body work outs alternating every other day.

So I have yet to get my outfits together but I always start from the shoes up and Vegas heels must be fly & flashy so I will do another post sometime later when I get the outfits together.

Jackie & I last year in Vegas :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Love Amber Rose

I am loving this new blog hobbie hahaha there's so many cool ones out there ....

anyway Amber Rose is the most gorgeous person to me  <3

Axxium gel by OPI

I had a client at work and her nails looked so nice, you could tell that they were not done with a regular nail polish and I could also tell (from having gel overlay on my nails before) that they had to be gel. But the nail color I JUST knew was OPI Bring On the Bling. She didn't have them long at all, she actually didn't even have tips so I had to ask about them and she told me that she got them done at a shop with this new line by OPI called Axxium that is gel nail polish!! I was too excited, right when I got home I started researching about it. So apparently, there are various colors form OPI's collection that are now in gel form, I do know that you can purchase your own but I believe you need a UV lamp to do it at home properly. They are said to dry very quickly and stay un-chipped for at least two weeks, you dont have to shave your nail down like you would with getting acrylic. And to remove them you soak them off I guess with acetone soaked cotton. From a few reviews I've read, in salon the costs for this manicure ranges from $25 to $30. I plan on seeing what salons near me do this service and have colors that I want and their prices. I also want to see if I can get the items to do it myself at home... I'm curious if I can just have a clear or a base coat one and put any regular nail polish I want on top.

The colors I'm interested in are Bubble Bath and Passion...but to be honest I really just want a clear haha.

You can see the colors on OPI's website

Wedding & Birthday

Yesterday was such a great start to my spring break! First, my boyfriend and I went to my friend's wedding. I love weddings they are so beautiful and it is so nice to see two people in love become one. Then afterwards, we went to my pretty little god daughters 2nd birthday bbq! I got to see a lot of people I have not seen in months especially some of my girlfriends!!

This is what I wore to the wedding...
Blazer- forever21
Dress- Guess
Shoes- Aldo

 My Gorgeous Girls