Sunday, April 17, 2011

Axxium gel by OPI

I had a client at work and her nails looked so nice, you could tell that they were not done with a regular nail polish and I could also tell (from having gel overlay on my nails before) that they had to be gel. But the nail color I JUST knew was OPI Bring On the Bling. She didn't have them long at all, she actually didn't even have tips so I had to ask about them and she told me that she got them done at a shop with this new line by OPI called Axxium that is gel nail polish!! I was too excited, right when I got home I started researching about it. So apparently, there are various colors form OPI's collection that are now in gel form, I do know that you can purchase your own but I believe you need a UV lamp to do it at home properly. They are said to dry very quickly and stay un-chipped for at least two weeks, you dont have to shave your nail down like you would with getting acrylic. And to remove them you soak them off I guess with acetone soaked cotton. From a few reviews I've read, in salon the costs for this manicure ranges from $25 to $30. I plan on seeing what salons near me do this service and have colors that I want and their prices. I also want to see if I can get the items to do it myself at home... I'm curious if I can just have a clear or a base coat one and put any regular nail polish I want on top.

The colors I'm interested in are Bubble Bath and Passion...but to be honest I really just want a clear haha.

You can see the colors on OPI's website

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