Thursday, April 14, 2011

OPI nail polish

so... decided to do my OPI ( @OPI_Products ) collection :). Sorry that I did not put the colors on my nails.. I am anal about wasting polish and one of my nails broke on each hand HAHA! so, STARTING WITH MY TOP 3 (left to right)

#1. Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection <3. I usually wear it over a nude nail polish orr over a coat of my #2. I'll Take the Cake! This has been my favorite for years! I have gone through bottles of it and have to keep finding websites because my local beauty outlet is always out of stock!! Perfect natural color, it is a very pale pink with barely noticable gold shimmer i guess. #3. is Panda-monium Pink it is a mix between a pale pink and pale lilac with a creme finish. I got it because i missed MAC's Love & Friendship.
Okayy next are not in liked order.

 Thrill of Brazil which is my most favorite red ever. Malaysian Mist which is kind of a peachy color, Alpine Snow is just a regular white. All have a creme finish.

Do You Lilac It which is a really nice light purple (creme finish). At First Sight, a sheer nude color with gold shimmer. Black Cherry Chutney, an almost black polish with no light but you see the red and purple tones when light hits it. 

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow... this is a really dark green.. I don't like it. Venus di Violet is really pretty it looks really nice like an almost natural looking lilac color.. but on your nail it is really sheer and you can only see shimmers. Next, Eifel for This Color is a very dark purple color.

Light My Sapphire, a really dark gray and it has a shimmer to it. Gargantuan Green Grape with a creme finish. I only got this color to mix with China Glaze's " For Audry " because I also missed out on MAC's Peppermint Patty :).

I did pick up 2 of the matte colors before tho. They are Russian Navy Matte & Lincoln Park After Dark Matter.
Now, of course I picked up the Black Shatter!!! But to be honest, I have yet to use it!!! I haven't really been into wearing dark colors lately. Next is Puerto Vallarta Violeta which is yet another pale purple/pink color. Next is Who Are You Wearing? BEAUTIFUL black color with purple and navy undertones!! It is so gorgeous!! 

last of my OPI collection is 2 from the Shrek line, Fiercely Fiona and Rumples Wiggin' :) both have creme finishes.
OKAY that ends my OPI collection I have a few that I will be purchasing soon but I have been building my Essie collection <3.


  1. love the Malaysian Mist i will be on the hunt for it.. glad you found my blog gorgeous.

  2. It looks so good on your skin tone too!